Lafayette Gourmet’s Food Fest 2015 at Dubai Mall is a must see. I had a whole day of tasting and food demonstration and workshops  by the best in the industry. The opening with Chef Andrew of Fatafeet and Rami Taha of Ramelli Truffles set the trend with the hidden secrets of truffles and their use in butter, honey, pasta and flour.

Love the raw food, pizza, vegetable wrap and a chocolate crepe of Haley Mac from Be Super Natural Kitchen and also her educative talk about Bokashi for food waste.

Learnt about raw Yemeni honey and its benefits from Riath Hamed of Balqees and sampled the lovely raw white honey.

Canadian Beef now has an app- “The Roundup”- which guides you to buying, cooking and enjoying canadian beef.

Tasted amazing Burrata from Made in Italia and the lovely produce from the Farm House

The crowning glory was the chocolate demo by Philippe Marand from the Chocolate Academy Centre

Special thanks to Chef Russell Impiazzi for the warm welcome 12042226_10206531597881951_1067327202_n 12042127_10206531597281936_280111170_n 12041896_10206531597761948_1191541006_n 12033538_10206531597401939_261348367_n 12033503_10206531598001954_263918027_n 12033264_10206531598561968_1519921450_n 12028932_10206531597121932_1676963570_n 12026489_10206531598441965_539093248_n 12023254_10206531597521942_895427365_n 12023214_10206531597321937_1547457084_n 12021881_10206531577801449_909321936_n 12016615_10206531597561943_621013867_n 12016466_10206531597681946_834326697_n 12007128_10206531597481941_1025189348_n 11998178_10206531597921952_1497218621_n 11998147_10206531597601944_660944627_n

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