Lurpak Arabia this season has arranged to teach many women  all that baking requires using their Cook’s range products under the tutelage of the charming Chef Paul Frangie.

I had my fingers crossed that I would get chosen this time for the Baking Masterclass as I had missed their last season.

Lo and behold I received a last minute call confirming my attendance and I was delighted.

We learnt 4 dishes and received tips from the chef, to ensure that our final result was just right.

After all baking is a science and I love experiments.

  1. Apricot and white chocolate Shortbread
  2. Chocolate cupcakes with a butter cream frosting
  3. baked Baklava rolls with pistachio,almond and walnut
  4. Banana Pancake topped with ricotta, strawberry, banana and honey

All the dishes used one of the Lurpak Cook’s range such as  Butter blocks, clarified butter, lurpak baking,cooking mist and cooking liquid so that we learnt where to use each product to maximize their use.

Enjoyed my morning and came home with the baked goodies, wouldn’t miss this if I were you.


IMG_6960IMG_6948 IMG_6956

IMG_6968 (1)   IMG_6998

IMG_6982                          IMG_7002

IMG_6984                                    IMG_6994

IMG_7010 IMG_7013 IMG_7022 IMG_7033                                      IMG_7039


IMG_7052                     IMG_7045

IMG_7049                IMG_7047

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