IMG_9541This institute in CNN building in Media City Dubai had a number of workshops .

The brainchild of Yasmin Hussain who owns and is the soul of YH studios , a photography studio which she opened 3 years ago and the only one that did hair and makeup for all their clients for their shoot.So it was a natural progression to the institute as their popularity grew.

They are affiliated with Kryolan and use their products, the palates for foundations and lip and eye colours  looked super.

I had the opportunity to attend the day make up session and learnt all the details of looking flawless in the daytime



the talented make up artist is a genius and I have had first hand experience for a photo shoot 2 1/2 years ago where I was completely transformed

They offer 13 courses to suit everyones needs

I also had the chance to have my skin analysed  by Sonam of LAQUA which is a range of products that offer the ultimate hydrating beauty care for hot climates


there are 3 ranges, REFRESH, PROTECT AND CORRECT


And also their cleanse range

Good news- the structure of my skin was very good

Bad news-  my skin needed hydrating

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