THE ITALIAN STYLE LUXURY MARKET -an introduction to the first edition.

The first edition of the Italian Style Luxury Market  is displaying their wares  at Marina Dubai.

Introduced by Alessandra Palermo it gives you a chance to meet with their designer Federica Frumento directly.

The Luxury market is about  all artisinal products made in Italy by Italian artists ( not made outside and then brought to Italy to be sold)

Alessandra is very passionate about all the artisinal Italian  work andwants to be able to introduce the same in the market here in Dubai.


Her line of tshirts,  jackets , dresses and tunics are all in blends of silk,linen and some in casmere and wool. Easy flowing soft anf light on the skin in beautiful pastels and greys. The material has a new technology called MAKE UP which is on the surface of the material giving it its sheen.




This is a 100% organic skincare that is designed by science but made by nature . The range comprises of oils,balms , serum and mists for the face,body ,hair and lips. It also includes Teas and food products as radiant and youthful skin is a reflection of a healthy lifestyle and diet.





Gold with semi precious stones


Alessandra ‘s  baby , a collection of single and two peice swimwear that are style statements by themselves, exquisitely handcrafted.


………………………………………………………..on till the 12th

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