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The Nutcraker is lovely little joint located in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai and its definitely one of my favorite small cafe in the city.
The place is not too exuberant and big but it comes with its own rustic charm. A few tables, a small kitchen and amazing food.

The place is always packed so make sure to reach there by 12:00 as they dont accept reservations and if you’re lucky, you will get a table at 1.  I recommend you order the

It is a well balanced and slightly spicy refreshing salad that is one of their best sellers. It is topped with 4 slices of tofu and the peanuts accompany the dressing beautifully

The pasta was by far one of my favorite dishes that I had at the restaurant. The portions are really big and is suitable as a lunch for office goers in the area. It is mildly spiced and smoked flavors are excellent

This dish is on my “must try” list. The flavors are just amazing and the dish is satisfying. It looks simple but it packs a punch. The flavors of the mushrooms pair brilliantly with the whole grain toast and and the amount served is perfect. If you’re going to Nutcraker, you need to try this dish


One word?
Doesn’t matter is you’re going for breakfast or lunch, this dish must be on your bill. The waffles are so light and its cooked to perfection. No complaints. The amount of Nutella and sugar dusted on top is just right and in a nutshell this dish is spectacular. Still need to find out how they make the waffles

For drinks we ordered the Basil and PassionFruit Cooler and the Spiced Mandarin Tea. Both complement the food really well but we didn’t realize that the tea was a hot beverage, so that is more of a breakfast drink. The Basil and PassionFruit Cooler is really good. It is refreshing and goes with the food really well.

I would recommend with restaurant to anyone as it is great to pick up a quick bite and the food is amazing. A must try.

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