We won the first #EatUp evening with FoodeMag at the Weslodge Saloon in the tallest hotel in the world , J W Marriott Marquis

An amazing location giving awesome views from the 68th floor and when the food satiates the palate what more can you ask for.


We were honoured with a kitchen tour with behind the scenes details of how our plates came to our table.


The menu was specially curated with 4 courses.


Whenever you go to Weslodge make sure to eat the Scallop Ceviche and the Lobster Poutine.

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When I looked at the menu I was surprised that a specially curated meal should have chicken as the mains. However the Southern Fried Chicken at Weslodge is a melt in the mouth, crispy wonder.


The Branzino (Sea Bass) with the jalapeño relish was superbly grilled and moist.


The sides of roast cauliflower and mac & cheese were not just side. They complemented the mains wonderfully.

We had the pleasure of being served in a private dining area but the whole restaurant has comfortable and aesthetic interiors

S’mores with house made graham crackers and roasted marshmallows topped with salted caramel and chocolate sauce took us to dessert haven.

Coconut cream

We got fortunate to try a third dessert as it was Debbie’s special order.

A yuzu meringue pie.


A huge thank you to Team Foodemag;Ishita and Debbie, for this introduction. I would recommend this lounge in the skies to everyone and I am certainly going back for more.


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