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Entry to Parkers begins with having to find the key and trust me its worth the hunt.

I found it a few months ago after a wild goose chase in Dubai Mall where I was looking for the key but it was actually with one of the staff of Parkers at the designated spot .So after walking up and down from the waterfalls to the restaurant I was guided by a kind soul and I finally got it .

We visited Parkers in July first but with the holidays I just didnt have enough time to write about it so here I am after my recent visit.

Between July and now Parkers has moved from handing us numbers at the cashier to having the tables numbered but the rest remains the same. After gaining entry (yes they check your key at the entrance) and being seated you have to go and place your order at the cashier like a self service but then you get served at your table

The menu has a choice of starters , salads, pastas,tacos, sliders,burgers, fries, beverages and desserts.


Okay so between our visits here is all that we tried.

We had Pretzel chicken strips and I loved the salty ,crunchy taste of the pretzels with melt in the mouth chicken within


You can miss the corn on the cob, i just couldnt taste any orange basil butter. On second thoughts I think we were served the wrong order (looking at the picture below,it looks like paprika and ranch)


The Balsamic Quinoa salad was tangy with beetroot and rocca leaves



I would recommend the sliders if you are looking for smaller portions

all three, the choco coffee, jalapeno chicken shawarma and crispy chicken potato were YUM

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The White Truffle pasta was amazing and I mean in taste



A special mention for the Tacos . Both Chicken Mojito and Tropical Short Ribs are awesome I would not miss this.

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This time round we tried the Truffle Burger ,what can I  say the crispy onion web on the wagyu beef patty with truffle everything , in the soft bun was wholesome and lip smacking (didnt think we could close it down and bite into it )


Of course you can wash it down with a  selection of soft drinks or black lemonade


The desserts are what everyone is talking about, Lotus Drama and Back to School are what we tried .

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Both come with drama in the sauce and the sharpener and chocolate crayons individually, and are meals by themselves ,so make sure you have enough room to enjoy them or go just for coffee and desserts as I am going to do next time to try the Sea salt chocolate chips .

So you will really enjoy the food  if you are a fan of wholesome and delicious street food with a twist. And even if you arent a fan of tacos, sliders,burgers I recommend you go to Parkers at least once.

And dont forget…………to take the key.



( Rajul pays for the food she reviews)


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