Iggi chips are and unique



Fruits and vegetables provide health benefits and are important for the prevention of illnesses. It is recommended  to  fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables at each meal. Fruits and vegetables contain a variety of nutrients including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Vegetables are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, fiber and potassium.

Eating the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables each day can reduce the risk of chronic diseases.It is recommended to eat at least 5-8 servings of fruit and vegetables a day.

 Fruit is naturally low in fat, sodium and calories, and rich in potassium, fiber, vitamin C and folate. Fiber in fruit helps to protect against heart disease and lower cholesterol. Vitamin C in fruits helps with wound healing and keeps gums and teeth healthy.


I am recommending Iggi  vegetable and fruit chips as  a snack between meals, these gluten-free chips include no cholesterol, trans fat and preservatives and are available in three flavours

Mixed Veggie




Mushroom and Sweet Potato

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Apple and Peach


These are nutritious because they are

  • Made from real vegetables and fruit
  • Cholesterol, trans fat, preservatives and gluten-free
  • Before they are baked, vegetables and fruits are sliced and dehydrated, keeping vitamins and fibers intact
  • The quantity per cup is just the right amount suggested by expert nutritionists for a snack between meals
  • Ideal as a healthy snack for school, office, gym, parties

Eating Vegetables can cut your risk of chronic diseases and protect against various forms of cancer.  They contains different phytochemicals, natural chemical compounds in plants, which maintain proper cell health.

Along with health benefits, eating fruits and vegetables can help in weight management  Most vegetables are low in calories compared to other foods, so filling up on these foods can aid in weight loss.

Though the chips have a small quantity of added palm oil and maltose the quantity per cup is approx 25-28 g and so eating these chips are a healthier option than a bag of crisps or fried snacks.

Besides they are yummy too and can be paired with an avocado or hummus  or peanut butter dip

These are available in most stores and priced at approx 10aed.

However if you are unable to find it  or need it in larger quantity please feel free to contact me and it can be offered 15% off if bought through me.


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